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Puracell VP/VPX

The Glasfloss Puracell VP (4V) and VPX (2V) series extended surface mini-pleat filters offer high efficiency particulate removal, extended service life and extremely low resistance to air flow.  The Puracell VP (4V) and VPX (2V) frame filters incorporate lightweight, high-impact polystyrene framework for strength and durability in demanding commercial and industrial applications.  When compared to traditional rigid cell and traditional box style filters, the Puracell VP (4V) and VPX (2V) mini-pleat series offer superior performance, lower operating costs and significant energy savings.  The Puracell VP and VPX are available in MERV 11, 13, 14 and 15 performances.  The Puracell VP is also available in MERV 16 and 99.97% HEPA grade performance.

  • • VP (4V) Series Features 8-Pack Construction
    • VPX (2V) Series Features 4-Pack Construction
    • High Efficiency Microfiber
    • Low Resistance = Energy Savings
    • Moisture Resistant Construction
    • Lighter Weight = Reduced Shipping Cost

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