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Product Information

Filter Systems carries the full line of Glasfloss air filtration products. From disposable filters to HEPA filters, we can provide a filtration solution for virtually any HVAC application. All Glasfloss products are manufactured in Dallas, Texas.  Additionally, we carry paint booth in-take and overspray filtration products from Columbus Industries and Research Products.


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Full Line Filter Brochure

Disposable Panel Filters

Pads & Bulk Media

Automatic Roll Filters

Phoenix Poly-Ring, Sleeves & Links

Z-Line Series Air Cleaner Replacement Filters

Z-Line Pleated Series ZL & HV

Z-Line Pleated Series MR11

Z-Line Pleated HVXM Filters

Z-Line Series MR-13 Pleated

Z-Line Series Carbotron Pleated

Z-Line 1000 Series

Quad & Cube Filters

Excel & Purapak Bags

Z-Pak Series Rigid Cell


Z-Pak GT Series Rigid Cell

ASHRAE Magna 600, 800, & 900

HEPA Magna 950, 1000, 1100 & 1200

Magna GT Gas Turbine Series

Magna HT High Temp. Series

Puracell II Mini-Pleat

Puracell II M & MH Series

Puracell V Mini-Pleat

Puracell VP/VPX

Puracell VP-GA

Puracell P & PH Series

Puracell II-S Series

Puracell II M-S & MH-S Series

Puracell II P-S & PH-S Series


    Paint Booth

    Glasfloss Industries Paint Booth Filtration Products

    Columbus Industries

    • Primary Filter SL 100PSG
    • Secondary Filter SL45B
    • Tertiary Filter SL90B

    Research Products

    • 3000 Series
    • 3200 Series